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Fabricação de Locomotivas Localização Contato

In order to offer competitive and reliable products to support the growth and renew of Brazilian locomotives' fleet, EIF has developed strategic partnerships with remarkable Companies, which have significant share on this market, to provide feasible customized solutions for each requirement and specific application demanded from Railway Customers.

EIF can develop solutions either for new Diesel-Electric locomotives, as well as for used locomotives from North-America.

EIF presents different sales options to Customers, varying from just a direct or financed sale of the locomotives, to a leasing Project, which can include the maintenance of the locomotives in the finance package, during the leasing period.

EIF has already supplied over 150 used locomotives to Brazilian railway market, from electronic modules controlled locomotives up to micro processed units, in a range from 3,280 HP to 3,600 HP.

The new locomotives for Brazilian market range from 600 HP to 2,000 HP. They are equipped conventional or microprocessor control and can be supplied in wide, standard or metric gauge, in order to meet any Customer specification.

Please find below the main characteristics of the locomotives supplied by EIF:

Horsepower 600 HP up to 2.000 HP (new locomotives), 3.000HP and above from north America.
Gauge Metric (1.000mm), standard (1435mm) and wide (1.600mm)
Main Drive Diesel-Electric
Traction Motor D.C. or A.C.
Design All components per AAR standard
Type B-B or C-C
Drive Cab Standard AAR type or Wide Cab
Brake system 26L or micro processed
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