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Fabricação de Locomotivas Localização Contato
Review and Maintenance of Locomotives

The industrial unit of the EIF is located in Três Rios city, Rio de Janeiro state. The EIF designs and manufactures shunting or multiple operation locomotives for custom applications and specifications of its customers, with horsepower up to 2000 HP and weight up to 130 tons.


General specification of shunting locomotives:

Weight: up to 130 tons
Power available for traction (AC or DC) from 600 HP up to 2,000 HP
Gauge: 1000 / 1435 / 1600 mm

Through the competences of local suppliers of parts and components and also with the proper manufacture of most components, EIF uses the best quality products in the development of their machines, ensuring performance and reliability to its customers, beyond the security in obtaining parts for maintenance and replacement.

The experience of our professionals allows EIF to develop design solutions and competitive manufacturing, suited to the characteristics and patterns of each customer. Thus, can be supplied for example units from traditional locomotive driven (conventional control system) to machines with microprocessor control system.

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