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Fabricação de Locomotivas Localização Contato

Formed in 2001 by professionals with vast experience from design and manufacture to maintenance services and repair of locomotives, EIF operates in the railway market offering the following services: rental/leasing of locomotives, new locomotives marketing (shunt and mainline units), sale of used locomotives from north America market, gauge adaptation, refurbishment, retrofit and start-up Services in Brazil, logistics operations (railroad in North-America and ocean freight to ship to Brazil), parts sales, overhaul and maintenance of permanent way maintenance equipment and repair of wagons / freight cars.

Accumulating experience of providing these services in more than 150 locomotives, EIF began a new phase in 2008 when started to manufacture locomotives in Brazil.

The leasing of locomotives project named "HP. hora" was developed by EIF and gives to customer the opportunity to increase its fleet as well as the volume of new locomotives in operation, by just charging the effective locomotives available operating hours. Indeed, instead of paying for the idle corrective maintenance time, Customers costs will be based on the effective time that locomotives will be available for freight transportation. So, Customers, without any major investment, will have a new product, with superior quality, where technical assistance and maintenance will be assured by EIF and especially with a 100% uptime of the locomotive.

The implementation of this Project into Brazilian Railroad Market is a priority for EIF and aims to provide Customers a new option to ensure grater efficiency, performance and reliability at competitive costs. EIF also manufactures diesel-electric locomotives from 600 HP to 2000, entirely in Brazil with the possibility of funding through the FINAME.

O fornecimento e adaptação de locomotivas usadas do mercado norte-americano, para as bitolas métrica, standard ou larga, continua sendo oferecido pela EIF. Para estas locomotivas, desde que com potência superior a 3.000 HP, a EIF também disponibiliza para o mercado a opção de locação ou leasing, com manutenção incluída ou não, dependendo da opção do Cliente.

The supply and of used locomotives 3.000HP and above from the north America market and gauge adaptation to metric, standard or wide gauges, is still being offered by the EIF. For these locomotives, EIF will be offering the same leasing concept as above. Maintenance can be included into the project, per Customers' request and needs. Thus, EIF will meet Customers' requirements either with new locomotives, or with used locomotives, providing them alternatives to choose the one which fits best their needs at that specific moment.

In 2009, with the change of the plant to Três Rios city, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, EIF has taken the strategic decision to wide its supply scope and act in all segments of rail equipment. Thus, beyond the locomotives segment, EIF also started to participate in the areas of wagons (freight cars) refurbishment; design and construction of special railway cars; retrofit, maintenance and operation of permanent way maintenance equipment, aiming to meet all railway market needs.

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