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Fabricação de Locomotivas Localização Contato

Logistics services were developed by EIF in order to ensure its Customers the accomplishment of all delivery schedule milestones and deadline, from sale to final delivery of the locomotive to the Operation.

  • è Through the experience built over more than 100 Projects performed on local market, EIF is able to offer the following integrated logistics services:
  • è Locomotives railway transportation from original site to the shipping port in North America;
  • è The preparation of technical reports and locomotives' certification of origin;
  • è Preparation of documents for release and ship locomotives of their countries of origin
  • è Contract insurance policy;
  • è A Unloading operation at a Brazilian port and assembly of locomotives into special trucks for railway transportation;
  • è The issuance of shipping documents for entry and completion of the import process in Brazil;
  • è Monitoring of railway transportation until Customer's or EIF's installations.

To provide these services, EIF is supported by capable and recognized companies, as much in the local as well as in international markets, under EIF's coordination and responsibility.

O detalhamento desta operação é feito sempre com o acompanhamento e aprovação do Cliente, que pode optar pela aquisição do sistema "door-to-door" do serviço ou por apenas uma etapa específica do processo.
The breakdown of these operations is usually done under Customer's supervision and approval, which can choose from a "door-to-door" service to just one single step of the whole process.

EIF has already carried out integrated logistics services for over 150 used locomotives, imported from North America to Brazil, all of them over 3,000 HP, weighting from 165 ton to 180 ton.

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